Toshihiko Izutsu

He is the first and only modern philosopher from the viewpoint of global standard’s observation up to this point in Japan. The status was allowed only for the limited area of academic research, because as reality of politics/media, the concept of Public – of or concerning the people as a whole..
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Ichisada Miyazaki

He contributed to combining the Chinese history with global perspective by taking his initiative in Japan (the point is nobody else did it in the world). This was also required as the basis of discussion on East Asia for intellectual world. Thanks to freedom and economic assistance given to the post-war Japan
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Luis Frois

His book is regarded by all credible authors as the indispensable materials to write about history of this most precious and inspired time in the Japanese politics. No records surpassed his detailed accounts in a rebellious, turbulent, but confident period in Japan.
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Hajme Nakamura

He translated Mahayana Muryojyu-Sutra and Amida-Sutra to Japanese from the original Chinese and Sanskrit texts following the progress of translations from the Sanskrit texts in Europe, which were named Sukhavativyuho nama mahayanasutram and Smaller Sukhavativyuha respectively.>
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Current Affairs

London Japan Institute is an independent think-tank based in the United Kingdom for economic and business researches. Since the establishment in 2012, its unique mission is to focus on the core of global economic movements in current affairs including recent alarming developments in the Asia-Pacific region.
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Herodotus’s Eye

There was no word for history on earth before Herodotus, the first human, seriously
interested in other people’s affairs. By travelling, he tried to investigate and produced his
own book. Social science has then begun by improving his invention of writings. Let’s
learn from the best of bests in various world’s history to read the current trend.
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