Toshihiko Izutsu

Professor Izutsu is only modern philosopher in Japan from the global standard’s observation. Having learned all principal languages and histories, he pointed out; in reality of politics/media, Concept of Public – or concerning people as a whole – do not exist in Japanese or Chinese society.

Ichisada Miyazaki

Following advanced studies on world’s history in the West, many historians of Kyoto university could combine all Japanese, Chinese and Eurasian histories in early days of post-WWII Japan. To analyse human progress, Japan should not forget freedom and economic assistance given by the modern spirit.

Luis Frois

A brave Portuguese priest/scholar – who was asked to discuss with Oda Nobunaga for 18 different occasions. His precious books are still regarded by all credible author as indispensable material to write about the history of this most inspiring and advanced time of Japanese politics in the 16th century.

Gyuichi Ota

The first Japanese modern historian who wrote his book based on the facts he saw and heard from others on Oda Nobunaga’s life – Shincho-Koki. Nobunaga was one of several warlords including Shogun who allowed Christian Church to expand in Japan. Many of these heroes were assaulted by ancient ideologists. But Japan’s history explains who was right today. Don’t repeat itself. Leave ongoing ancient ideology to avoid total bankruptcy.

Hajime Nakamura

Extraordinary Hajime Nakamura translated both Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism, to find out what Japanese Buddhism really meant. He visited Buddha’s birth place in Nepal and other important places. It was all indispensable process to understand the nature of Chinese Buddhism. This militarism with fake Sutra was developed far from the peaceful Buddhism

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