Why Japanese Democracy isn’t functioning?

Many political confusions existed in Japan after the WWII. To establish the completely unknown modern democracy, Japan should have first abolished its ancient ideology to function their own common sense in the society. Strictly speaking, this word could not be understood in Japanese. The equivalent ‘Jyoshiki’ is – ‘common knowledge’ in English – such as the capital city of UK is London. Or – the necessity to follow one’s human-link/faction for survival. Despite Japan’s acceptance of democracy, the hidden ideology was unchanged behind-the-scenes. (Only Arnold Toynbee noticed this cumbersome problem in Britain.)

As stipulated in Japan’s new constitution (Article 20 – 1 to 3), the State of Japan should not look after pre-modern religion with idol worship coming out of the Chinese Ideology. But Shinto – Japanese Buddhism complex continued to get huge fundings and various camouflaged supports from the state coffers of Japan somehow. (The United States had no other choice but to cut out their reform efforts at minimum, since the war broke out in Korea.) To establish a proper democracy defined by constitution, Japan should have learned modern legal progress from Britain (because the Japanese constitution is made by importing British parliamentary democracy).

Japan’s politics lost the validity by such constant ancient-ideological movement, which paralysed its legal system and taking the people to ruinous direction. Then in 2021, by refusing to accept this impossible economic ‘logic’, Koji Yano – de facto person responsible for supervising Ministry of Finance – published his article about the morally reprehensible situation of Japan’s public finance by delivering his message: The country’s finance is uncontrollable like the disaster of Titanic Japan. Honest patriot resigned but the trotting system had to continue.

Only fully-modernized Japan could perform proper politics with responsibility and effective civil service. Above all, the government should introduce a fair electoral system and party politics to operate a real democracy. For this goal, Japanese should also equip their own metaphysics for its social science and rational digital technology to run their economy. But in reality, ancient ideologists, propagandists and politicians – useless by their ancient mind without common sense – are now talking about amendments to Japanese constitution. All voters of Japan must be aware of this historical implication and its ongoing direction to protect their family before it’s too late.